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NieR: Automata – is another part of the game telling stories anroid name Yorha. Again, it will have to face an extremely dangerous and deadly machines. The plot of the stock is placed in the future, which is not beneficial for us – the people. Machines totally supplanted the human race, and the last people hiding in bases distant from the earth, the moon. People unable to regain his house construct deadly drone a woman who is their only hope to regain your planet. The game has a lot of dynamic phrases plot and contains interesting mechanics in many aspects. Nowhere previously unheard of ways to move or interact certainly affect the overall enjoyment of the game. The main objective of the game is to eliminate the enemy machines.

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However, the biggest problem is their number. Our land is full of enemy mechanized killers. luckily our android comes with a number of deadly skills and weapons. The combat system is also highly developed. Deadly combos using melee weapons, or fight enemies at a distance by means of magic is only the beginning of what it offers us Nier: Automata. From time to time the players will have to deal with more difficult enemies – bosses. In a break from saving the world people will be able to measure the scattered worldwide missions secondary. Nier: Automata will carry us through the stories using a third person perspective camera and a well presented game world. The game also allows you to choose the style of play. Only the players should or will dispose of enemies with weapons using the lethal combination of the magic.

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