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Mass Effect Andromeda – the newest part of the adventures of the well-known series of games taking place in the galaxy. The plot of the latest game is the one of the strongest sides. Players are again drawn into an incredible adventure that takes place in the year 2176. Which puts the game for about 7 years before the attacks reapers. Mass Effect 4 introduces a totally new story so players will not continuation of history, and a completely new world and characters. World in the game Mass Effect Andromeda will be several times larger than it was in previous series. Great varied world allows players to any exploration and wykonowywanie mission at its discretion. Players wanting to know the stories of the newest parts of the game will focus on the main story, but those who appreciate discovering they can do any side quests complementary main stories or adding new elements and characters, and to the world of the game.

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Mass Effect Andromeda continues to benefit from a proven system of third person camera. Umiejscowanie action game in space gives extraordinary possibilities for exploration and movement. The creators rose to the challenge and took care of this aspect of the game. Players will be able to move between planets using a variety of spacecraft. A typical Mass Effect 4 element is of course the character development. Each player has great potential in terms of creating a hero fighting his style or his ability to survive. In the game you will be able to enjoy a very varied inventory. From the handy laser weapons after the heavy guns that allow us not once to save lives in difficult situations. Introduced was also developed a system to improve weapons. Mass Effect Andromeda features a well-known wieliu game crafting system. Players will be able using different raw materials to create devices that greatly facilitates their survival in the galaxy. Mass Effect Andromeda perfect addition to a story mode that offers a few hours of gameplay, giving players the opportunity to complete campaign in cooperation mode up to 4 players.

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