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For Honor – a new action game developed by Ubisoft. Remarkable thing about the competition is very high level of brutality which enhances the gaming experience. In For Honor players enjoy the view of the TPP on different battlefields in the Middle Ages. Players also have a choice of many nations, such as samurai, knights or well-known for their brutality Vikings.
For Honor offers up to six gameplay modes. Starting from classic 1v1 or 2v2 mode to the “Dominion”, a type of domination style game. On each side of the battle is 12 playable characters. Each of them stands out unique abilities, attributes and weapons. Each player is sure to have the perfect figure to each other. Players who prefer speed and agility will choose samurai assassin, while players who appreciate the huge damage at the expense of speed they decide on the choice of Viking equipped with an axe.For Honor not based but only a senseless fight. Obviously this is an important element, however, the key to victory is the right strategy and tactics on the battlefield.

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The creators also sought as much as possible to give the realities and the climate of that time fighting. At first glance attention to detail and elements of armed warriors. Players on the battlefield will also have available special skills to gain advantage over the enemy. One of them will be firing catapults at the event, while the next revival of our fallen comrades.Another important feature of the game is that players do not think only about selecting your character but for the whole team. Combining the skills kontkretnych form can greatly facilitate success, or even provide it. Najwaลผiejszym element in the path to success is the domination over their enemies. For Honor ย offers a very extensive multiplayer mode with multiple modes, but there’s something also for the game of Individuals. For Honor offers rich campaign mode missions and a variety of targets. In this mode also we will be able to perform tasks or challenges that can not be found in multiplayer mode.


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